android/iphone app development required programming language

requred programming language for smartphone developper

often many people also ask me. sir i want to become an app developper. which language i learnt ?
what is required programming language for becomming an android / iphone developper ?
how i become an ios ipod and android developper ?
what is most language for making an app
many more other type question also asking me. then i think it.that is write a post therefor i write this article. that you read now. and i hope its article prove the very usefull for you. after reading these article you can decide it.which is progarmming language are the needed and which is we have ought to learnt.. becouse we will discuss here. about of all important language. and which is compulsory for becoming a app developper although here we will know. aboot of pro. lang. they are only a programming language. as maybe. where you go learning this language where teach you. only pro. langauge not app creating . so where you will go learning this language.where at tell your purpose. maybe they have something help you. but today many institute offer app devlopment course. you can take admission in these type institute. if you want to not take admission anyone institute then you need to read our this post.[ here article]
but now i show you . what is the required pro. langauge . in iphone and android development.
android, iphon, app creating required programming langauge


first of need you to learning java. becouse java is the most pro. language for making app for smartphone device. in other words java is the compulasory in android app development. its also allow to you provide creating . app for any smartphone device. i think java is the very much essential for becoming a mobile app developper. help to java you have not create only mobile app. using java .you can create mobile game. when you have learn java .you will be able for creating all type smartphone app.

c / c++

 as i above mentioned you learning of java. but before you learning java you need to learning c or c++ object oriented language. if you have not already know any programming language. then you should first learning c/c++. c or c++ necessary for under standing the app development environment. from this reason most developper recommend first learning objective c. c++ also allow you to creating desktop and mobile app. its provide such as feature. that help you to for iphone ipod, and apk.


 its full name " extensible markup language "
seeing that. this language related to the web development. but its also allow you to create a moble app. if you want to become a great android developper . then you need  to learning. XML web pro. lang. but i will be want to say you. its not compulsory.because when  we are making a app.using anyone laguage like; java or c++ . then in that case this language help us to creating an professional android app. And making a app template use xml. from this reason its necessary for us.
html5,css3,javascript: as you know. html, css and javascript mostly used in web development. are you know ?. helping to html, css , and javascript, you can create android mobile app. maybe you are not belive it. but its really, but using these web related language, you can create only web app. so i mentioned you. learning these web related pro lang. because. its allow you to making web app and  native app. and one most reason . its extremely easy to use in creating web app. And after learning these language you not only create an app. But you can create your own website. Meant you become a web developper

developped by microsoft company . if say it very powerfull programminge language than other language that is not wrong. because that feature you find in java and c++ . exact that both feature you find other the c# also excluding all important feature of the java and c++. from this reason. mostly developper choose the c# pro. lang.
and i also recommend you. learning c# lang. the biggest  advantage of c# is that provide to you. create a app for anyone . : android,iphone, ipod, laptop, tablet etc. mostly use this language in the xamarin plateform for. mobile development.


 are the new prog. lang. swift most suitable  for them .they want to build iphone and ipod app. so if you want to become iphone app developper . in that case you must to learning swift language. In other word for iphone developper are the necessary learning swift because current time many iphone developper use swift language . and he also recommend it.and I also recommend you learning it .

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untill now you are know about of that language. they are most popular and famous. that are help us. creating samrtphone app.
but present time. available  many such as. language like.python,  that are to help.
we are make a proffesional mobile app.
but of which. most suitable lang. they are CORE JAVA . so i specially recommend you for  CORE JAVA. if you are learn core java. then you will be able to creating all type of android app. and if you have not know any language. then first you should learning objective c
that all i hope helped you. what are the needed language for android/iphone app  development. and if you are like this then you can share this article. in your social media community. like: facebook, twitter, google+ etc.
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