how much i earn money creating an app

how much i earn money creating an app

Often people ask me . sir can you tell me. How much money earn after making an app ?

What I can earn money. By building our android app ?
How much I earn money  in 1 month  through our android app. ?
And lot of question people ask  me. so we decide. Write a article and in this article give the app development money earning related question and answer.  So if you want to know it then  read this guide carfully. We hope after raeding this guide. You will be satisfied.
Although. You know app developement field are the very growing field and day by day it continue to grow. Therefor  in this field not have lack of the opportunity. Only you need a great. so just be patient .
how much i earn money after making an app

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If you can do develop an app. then you . will do the generate big amount of money so quite the thinking money Related question. as far as is concerned how much earning. then I want to would be  say you. its depend on your app usability. because your app earning determine by the your app useness. if your app able for catching lot of user.  you generate lot of revenue. lets us see a example for better understanding.

Example :

Let say you build an app that are not free it paid app.and you determined  app price are 5$
Suppose. if your app catch the 10000 user. of which purchase your app by  the 5000 user in that case your total earning  will be are 5000*5= 25000$. 
Likewise. if your app purchase by the 1000 user then your earning will be are`1000*5= 5000$
Means earning depends on your app popualarity

If your app become much more famous you wil be earn  more money. but here are develop a question that are.
We earn by the our pad app. what I can earn by creating free app. also that more than pad app .
then its answer are. yes absolutely. you can earn money by your free app also that more than paid app
Because paid app  genetrate revenue only once. but free app genereate revenue until then as long as your app available on the interenet. Because earning by free app way are advertising. Once you have monetize your app by adevertising service . you earn money, for time being. Until your app to be used by user.
From this reason . we can say it. Free app generate more money than paid app.
But it condition are. Your app must be usefull for people. So as to use much more people your app.
But thing are the important for considering that are. Today are the big competition in this field which cuase . create as app  that are really  helpful for people . these are difficult task. I also know it if you stick with it and you will think deeply. Then you get great idea . that you do used build usefull app. in short you need to more thinking
After find have a idea. use this idea in your app and done your app work and give the app forms and upload it popular app store site  like google play, store Itunes, now keep patient and how much possible promote your app. for this job you can use most popular and simple way means use social media

At the last I will say it develop only usefull and new app according the user requirement
If your app full fill user requirement then people use only you created app .
So during the creating . keep the in mind people requirement

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