how to crush our competitor easily [ easy way crush competitor]

crush your competitor easily

Today in the whole world created  have huge blog or website. and we don’t know . how many  blog or website created. Per day in other words. We are not have able for counting per day created blog. That is the reason. Nowdays have too much competition in blogging field . therefor we write any one article. Our article not get  more traffic. Is that reason are available lots of blogger in the world . because . that article we write exact same this article . also available on the internet . from this reason our post to be unsusccesefull  for making  good position in search engine site. so its necessary. For us pay more attention on our competitor.If you have don’t such then not chance for you
competitor crushing guide

Although by the seo some extent you. We are able for getting traffic but. Through the seo you are not able in crushing  your competitor.
Until you have not give more attention on your competitor. Until then you have not get high traffic on your blog.
however .  if you want to crush your real time competitor. So we give below some significant tips and tricks that you use can crush your competitor
I hope after reading this post you  will be able for crushing your competitor

know your competitor

first and formost you must know  better about of your competitor. Who your competitor  and they what want and which topic covered . and he  how much onward to you. Exact that you know about of him.
Because. after knowing Him you can guess how I can  crush him and for crushing which are you need.
What is the correct way for leaving him behind.and many more estimate you can take. 
Its not only . but also you have encourage for leaving him behind.\

Keep eye his all on going activity

At this stage you need to looking carefully all activity of your competitor. Like what he publish,
He where find information for writing a blog post. Which time publish his article. Many more activity you need to detect when you will look all activity that’s time you will be able for predect it what that’s we used for crush our competitor because until when you would we not know competitor react until then how do will do the plan for crushing competitor
Hence it can say these stage ids the necessary

Know your competitor weakness

Its step are supreme step. because that based you can do the crush your competitor. in this step you must to know your competitor weakness .all similirily and big mistake. if you look carefully weakness in your competitor.  then you found some mistake. exact in this time you need  it  your strength
While you make your competitor  weakness your strength . then increase your  scale for leaving him behind. So these step are very much essential step. You may have not avoid This

Do the better work than your competitor

that is the sure . if you want to leave your competitor. Then you will do the work better than competitor
 because it’s the necessary. Until  you don’t work better your  competitor . as long as till you cannot crush.
Here better work stand for. Your all content  should be  quality than competitor.
If competitor publish a article in 2 days you need to publish per day a article. Competitor give comment answer at the night. You give the comment answer at after noon. Mean your overall work ought to good than competitor. 

Read your competitor comment section

Although this step is not important but if you follow this step it helped you to some extent so follow it in this step you must do it read comment your competitor  if any people ask any question to the competitor you must write a article were in include of people question answer because after asking a question by people search the internet in that case if you have write a article then people find your article and your competitor reader comes on your blog he read your article and after reading if he to be satisfied  its possible he become your regular visitor regular


At the last I want to would be say you not have big challenge for crushing competitor because if you done your all work better than you have not need to struggling for crushing competitor that is done automatically so I recommended so improve your all work and try to make it easy and understandable. then you see incredible result .

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