install wordpress offline in your computer [ easy way]

how to install wordpress offline in our computer locally

if you want to become a  wordpress developer. then first and formost. you need to installing wordpress offline in your computer or laptop. Because when  you install wordpress offline locally. in this situation. You can see   your all development ouput offline . whether it are. Plug in , theme ,  or any other  type change. So installing wordpress in locally are very good thing.
So in this guide  I will teach you how to install wordpress in your computer.
Although. Locally install wordpress are not publish on the internet.  Its only live on your computer,
If you want to your wordpress site . publish publicly, on the internet. so as to any people can see your website then you need  to a domain name and hosting.

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a Domain are your site name and hosting are where  your  website  are store online . in short  stand for hosting . online storage.

But I think. after knowing all thing a website create publicly is the best decision . so first learn wordpress completely. after that . create your world wide website. For learning wordpress you can check out this article. 

 For installing wordpress . we will  use most popular and famous software xampp. Because xampp are  the good and open source software. Our main reason for using it.  because Xampp compatible for  all platform mean you can use xampp  with  linux, windows, mac, etc. so as to maximum people find this guide helpful.  and I don’t want it any people to be unsatisfied to our guide. Reason using different platform.
Here I assume it you are already download xampp. If you have not download xampp then please download it given link by me.

After that you need to download wordpress for loading worspress go to the
And download its latest software.  Now I assume you  have been download xampp are wordpress .
If you have succesed in download then please install xampp  in your computer. Instlling is the easy way.So do it your self

Lets us know how I install wordpress in xampp in our computer

1 step

First click the start button and open xampp control panel. When you will have open xampp  control panel then its  Look like this
xampp control panel setuo
 in this image you  can see . below the “module” will be write  5 server. 1 apache,    2 mysql,   3 filezila,  4 mercury  5 tomcat , and exact  this right side to will be write “start” now  you need to do  start it. so click apache and mysql  start. see the image.

2 step

Now unzlip the wordpress software. When you unzilp wordpress you will see in wordpress software. a wordpress folder. and right click on this folder and copy it.

Step 3

Now go to C drive open xampp folder. after opening xampp folder. search the htdocs folder. when you will found htdocs folder then open it . now paste here wordpress folder . which we have copy above.  After paste rename it. and  write new name. we was specify wp 1. You can change of this name. we rename only for easiness.
Now your wordpress  site are redy.  But we need to setup it. for setup. Follow this step

step 4

Open your web browser.  And type  http://localhost/wp1/  in  browser  address bar and hit enter
Now you will see wordpress welcome page. Here you need to click on lets go button

5 step

Here without creating database we cannot do anything. So first we create database in xampp software
For creating database open your web browser and type http://localhost/dashboard/  and press enter
See the below image
xampp phpmyadmin

And click on the phpmyadmin menu.  After clicking will be open a page of which you can see in the right side database menu and click it. see image
database creating in xampp
Now In the text box  type your database name and click the create button
Now your database are ready. So let’s go next step

Step 6

Earlier we say without database we cannot do anything. So our database are ready. Then we back on the browser first tab mean on the wordpress installing tab.
For better understanding look the image
installing wp locally

Step 7

This step is the vitall. in this step you need to provide some information about of your database. look given above image.
Here are 5 text box of which ask your database details.

1  in this specify your database name.we created it above. Mean wp2
2  here specify your database user name
3 dtbase password
4 dtbase  host mean localhost
5 table prefix mean specify wp_
Click the submit button

your this step is the complete. So let’s go next and last step

step 8

this is the last wordpress installing step. Here you need to provide information that used you can log in your wordpress site.
1 In the first box type your site title. We use [ our first offline wordpress site]
2 enter  user name . you need it for log in
3 password. Enter desirable password
4 enter your email id
After filling correctly all necessary information. Click the install wordpress button.
Congratulation your offline wordpress are the ready. Now you can log in your wordpress site
By typing http://localhost/wp2/ for log in use your wordpress user name and password that we created above during the installing wordpress .

we hope its article help you to installing wordpress offline in your computer.
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