get a blog post writing idea for thousand of traffic [ clear concept ]

 idea for writing blog post 

Always called it . content is the king for a blog. And our point of this fact is the true . because . you have noticed. When a visitor comes on your blog. He comes by the a article. It article can be something. But some people not have able for writing. A blog post. They feel the confusion . he think what we write.and where find  a idea for writing a blog post.
Because he think when I write a blog post.then write only new post. Also that are not available on the internet. I guess this this is true fact. And we respect their thinking. And our recommendation are. Write only new and fresh content. But nowdays have very much competition in blogging field . When I we write a article our. Our article become copy right content. Because such article already available on the internet world.this  content match another blog content. That is the reason  our post don’t have able for making good place in search engine.

So its very much essential task for us. Of We write only new article. So as to we have not face copyrighted problems. But  at this point.naturally  arise a question.
That are “ how I write such article that are not have exist on the internet  ? “ then I want to would be say you. In this tutorial . you find this important question  answer. But before literate it . its are very much needed for us. Of we know. what’s really  we ought to not write on those topic post. At that topic post already have available? Of this question  answer are. Yes are no both [ we will be discuss about of it latter ] because  some casese it’s not be apply. Mean you get traffic
Some Circumstance  when we get traffic

1 when you write those topic post. that topic post available only 2-5
2 when your article are good than other site. Mean good explaination, high quality keyword up less        than 2000 word
3 well optimize on page and off page  seo.

 So if your article afford these  then you get traffic but not high trafiic
We hope that you understand it better. Now  we know . how to get a idea for writing a blog post.

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                          crush your competitor,easily using this tips 

Think deeply

For finding a post idea first of need you thinking deeply about of a post but remember when you think then you think only related post mean which topic post you want to right for instance if your theme content are technology then you can think android tips computer tips, blogging , etc. if your content theme are programming then you need make some programming lenth task to short task if you content nich motivatSign up forumional then you can think motivational stories life changing story if review are then you think new launch product mean you need to think deeply and different about of a post
                   Instaalwordpress locally in your computer

What you face problems in past

In this step you need to think what we face problem in past days because I had see that problem face a man exact that problems another person so analyze your all past problem and think when you was face this problem those time how was you solved it now start writing this topic a post. And in this post solved their problems.
But be careful . your article not to be copyright content.

use forum site

This place are where you found lot of question and answer . there are two most popular forum website
1 quora 2 yahoo answer we recommend you for using you not find a idea but here also find you information.  That help you to writing a blog post.the main advantage. Of these type website are. Using it you can increase your blog post traffic.and you get backlink. If you have a question . for getting answer of this question.  You can use it. here are lots of expert . that give usefull information about of your question. Mean using it you can increase your knowledge level. As well as . increase blog traffic

Track visitor activity of your blog.

These step is the very much important. because when you write as article . that people really want to reading. then  you get plenty of traffic and more social media sharing, more comment. And more subscriber. other benefit you also find.  In this step you need to know your visitor activity mean what people want to reading which article people like for this work you can use to most powerful and famous   website tracking tool first are google analytic second are alexa. google analytic are free service but alexa not have free its subscription based service . but alexa provide some as feature. That are not have exist in google analytic tool. so far common purpose you can use gooogle analytic. in google analytic you find basic to advanced level tool that help you to tracking your visitor activity .
Using it get visitor like or unlike post. This based you will be able for making user  liked content.

Start learning

Its truly has been said if you stop learning you stop winning so down stop learning so as for as concerned getting a idea for writing then we  will say you when you begin learning then you learn new something in that case you aware of many new stratgy  tips and tricks that you use as a post idea its simple when you learn many new strtgy and tips and tricks then you have lots  idea  for creating a blog post but before creating a post you need to remember at to things first are copy righted
Second are idea created by you

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